How to get to Chachapoyas?

If you are in the city of Lima, the options are several, these can be by air, land or a combination of both, if you choose the land option you can take a direct bus (it is 22 hours of travel) or you can also travel by sections. option you can take advantage of it to visit the coastal cities heading north enjoying its tourist attractions and landscapes.

The cities from where you can continue to Chachapoyas is from Chiclayo or Trujillo, there is a daily bus service that leaves in the afternoon from Trujillo and at night from Chiclayo (9-hour trip).

But if you decided to air the options are the following.

Lima – Chachapoyas:

  • A direct trip from Lima to Chachapoyas can be done with the Atsa Airlines. The weight allowed as hand luggage is 01 piece of 05 kg, the maximum weight allowed as hold baggage is 01 piece of 15 kg. Excess baggage is not allowed.

Lima – Jaén – Chachapoyas

  • Airlines such as Latam Airlines and Viva Air have daily flights from Lima to Shumba airport (Jaén – Cajamarca) from there you can already hire our transfer services to Chachapoyas in a journey of approximately 4 hours.

Lima – Chiclayo – Chachapoyas

  • This is another alternative if you want to visit the Peruvian coast on your tour. You can board a flight from Lima to Chiclayo, there are daily flights and airlines, once in Chiclayo you will have to board a bus that will take you to Chachapoyas in a journey of approximately 9 hours.

What to do and visit in Chachapoyas?

The Amazon region has a large number of tourist attractions, especially in the southern area, which you definitely have to put on the agenda during your visit to Peru, it will be worth it for the amount of tourist attractions it has, among the most popular we have.

  • The fortress of Kuelap
  • The Gocta waterfall
  • The sarcophagi of Karajía.
  • The Revash mausoleums
  • Leymebamba Museum
  • Pottery town of Huancas and its viewpoints
  • The city of Chachapoyas
  • Levanto village
  • Rodriguez de Mendoza
  • In addition to trekking routes, bird watching, etc.

What to bring in the suitcase?

It is mandatory to put light clothing and warm clothing in the suitcase, since the southern area where the greatest number of attractions to visit are located is not exactly hot jungle, the ecological floor places it above 2,300 meters above sea level, therefore good shoes For hiking, raincoat for rain, sunscreen, repellent cannot be missing in your luggage, in addition to a good camera or camcorder with which you can capture the best shots of your trip

When is the best time to visit Chachapoyas?

Here is some information to help you make a decision, although Chachapoyas can be visited all year round.

  • The rainiest months are February, March and April.
  • The months of dry season (although it can rain unexpectedly) are from May to October, during the months of November and December the first rains begin to fall that give way to the green season (frequent rains) that goes from January to the end of April, the average temperature during this season varies between 12 – 16 ° C

What are the reasons to visit Chachapoyas in the green season?

If you travel during the rainy season, it has its advantages and disadvantages, we can make a brief summary that would help you make the best decision.


  • It will allow you to enjoy the most spectacular waterfalls, here are the highest waterfalls in Peru Yumbilla with 895 and Gocta with 771 meters respectively. In the rainy season, the privilege of observing these waterfalls well loaded with water and the roar of its waters is a unique experience.
  • You will be able to be surprised by the variety of orchids that bloom at this time, in addition to wild flowers, fungi, lichens, bromeliads, etc.
  • The privilege of the Amazon region of having 21 microclimates and being located in the jungle, the rainy season is the best for bird watching, highlights the Spatula-Tailed Hummingbird(Loddigesia mirabilis). An endemic bird in this area of ​​the country, it is considered one of the most beautiful and rare birds on the planet, in addition to the cock-of-the-rock among other species.
  • If you travel during this time, you will really understand why this region bears the name of Sachapuyos, equivalent in Spanish “mist forest”, during your visit you will often see that the mountains will mysteriously hide for a few minutes behind large layers of clouds, and then appear again with its greenery and showing the best of its landscape. A paradise for photography lovers.


  • Frequent rains could be a nuisance and discomfort for those who are not used to walking in the rain, with muddy shoes.
  • The constant rains weaken the slopes of the hills and increases the probability of blocking the roads due to collapse, and can make it impossible to visit a destination, suffer delays in making visits, difficulty in arriving or leaving the city to your next destination, although there is machinery arranged by the local government to clear the roads as soon as possible.

Traveling will always be a new experience, if your plan is to visit this area of ​​Peru we are waiting for you, it would be a pleasure to serve you Kuelap Adventure at your service.

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